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Box and container for Soothe CBD Roll On
Soothe Roll On (10 ml)
July 22, 2019
Container of Calm CBD Capsules
Calm Capsule (30 ct)
July 22, 2019
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“I use the calm drops before bed and absolutely love them! Much better taste than other CBD drops I have tried. #PBFriends”

– Kelsey A.

Calm Tincture 750 mG (1 oz)

  • The perfect way to add CBD to your daily routine–Precision calm CBD tincture was created to give you a high-quality dose of CBD, and nothing else. Because we remove all the bad stuff, Calm CBD oil has no flavor or color.
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Suggested Use: Drop a full dropper (1.0ml) into your mouth
  • Technical Specifications



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